The FX-03 is the third series model of Kosei’s Signature Series with Friction Technology used. Having fine Y-shaped spokes, the FX-03 comes up with a very lightweight which can efficiently improve the vehicle’s brake and likewise reduce the fuel consumption. Furthermore, this means that the lighter the weight, the more it can accelerate.


G.D.C. & FSW




Mud Black, Mud Silver

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Gravity Die Casting (G.D.C) – is a permanent mould casting process, where the molten metal is poured from a vessel/ladle into the mould. The mould cavity fills with no force other than gravity, filling can be controlled by tilting the die.

Friction-stir Weld (FSW) – is a solid-state joining process without melting the workpiece material. It works by mechanically intermixing the two pieces of metal at a place of the join, transforming them into a softened state that allows the metal to be fused using mechanical pressure.



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Abdul Latif Jameel and Kosei Aluminium to produce wheels and components in Saudi Arabia

A key contribute to the development of the manufacturing industry in Saudi Arabia is being explored by a joint venture between Abdul Latif Jameel and Japanese company Kosei Aluminum

Minda, Japan's Kosei Group form JV for alloy wheel moulds

New Delhi: Auto component maker Minda Industries today said it has formed a joint venture (JV) with Japan’s Kosei Group to manufacturing moulds for alloy wheels. The proposed name for the JV company is Kosei Minda Mould Pvt Ltd, in which Minda would hold 49.9 per cent equity while Kosei Group would hold the rest 50.1 per cent. The JV…